Culture & Engagement

Which Comes First?

It’s a little like the chicken-and-the-egg question.

The answer is that your culture is a key driver of employee engagement, then the engagement will either fuel or zap the culture.


Your culture is not created by words on the wall.

Your culture is created by the actions within your organization, specifically which ones are repeated, recognized and rewarded. From your values, to your policies to your compensation plans; from the front desk to the corner office; from how you treat your employees to how you treat your clients.

Your culture will help to determine employee engagement.


Highly engaged employees are worth 120% of their compensation, while disengaged employees are worth only 60% of their compensation.

“Engagement” is not a fluffy buzz word – it’s a bottom line game changer for your business.

With 25 years of working in a variety of cultures, Patti will lead you through the process to define the culture and engagement you have, the one you want and the steps to achieve it!