Discover Your ‘Best You’ at Any Age

Posted by: maudience|August 28, 2018

Discover Your ‘Best You’ at Any Age

“Discovering your "best you" and what you are meant to do isn't just for college grads! ”

With three children ranging in ages from 21- to 34-years-old, I have considerable  experience in helping shepherd those I love to discover how to be the best person they were meant to be. For those of us who are parents, it seems that this is a never-ending teaching lesson. We want our kids to be successful, healthy, productive and happy humans!

Interestingly enough, however, many times our society incorrectly assumes that discovering the best person you were meant to be is a quest reserved only for college students choosing a major, recent graduates, or those struggling in their first job.

This widespread assumption couldn’t be more false! I’m talking with people every day – of all ages at all levels – who are experiencing damaging conclusions about this premise and it is impacting them physically, mentally and emotionally.

It was only when I had some tenure in my career  working with thousands of people around the globe,  from the front desk to the corner office, could I see with absolute clarity the formula for professional success.

Providing people with a roadmap to discover how to be you – “your best you” – is my “Why”  It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. To guide  someone on this journey (both individuals and organizations) is my ultimate bucket-filler!  And every day I’m reminded that there is a BIG need for this guidance.

In this blog series, entitled “Be YOU,” I’ll introduce topics that will help you along this roadmap toward discovery. And I’ll encourage you to identify and discard what others are saying you should do!

There are four crucial steps in finding “your best you” – and these are listed in order of importance.

Step 1: Discover Your Talents

Step 2: Look for a Boss that Cares About You

Step 3: Look for Roles that Use Your Talents

Step 4: Find a Company that Cares About People

Over the upcoming weeks I’ll post a blog about each step. This is meant to be an interactive process, so email me questions and I’ll gladly help you along this journey.

Let’s go!