Executive Coach

Executive Coach

This program is the pinnacle of executive development. Patti will provide you with direct, expert counsel so you can address challenges and opportunities as they arise, including:

  • Sounding board for addressing key team member development and situations
  • Outsider’s perspective for unique ideas and approaches to situations
  • Devil’s advocate to help identify all sides of an issue
  • Regular cadence and accountability to keep development and progress on track

Emerging Leader Program

The step from  manager to executive leader is the most challenging in a person’s career, and has the greatest impact on your business and  teams.  Investing early in the executive’s  development provides a significant return on investment.

Patti starts with establishing the critical leadership competencies, assessing the individual’s strengths and areas for development and creating a customized professional development plan.  The program transitions to a regular cadence of setting goals, providing direct feedback and encouragement, and holding the individual accountable.