Every person, team and organization is unique and cookie cutter approaches don’t work. Patti tailors programs to meet your specific challenges and opportunities.


Through one-on-one executive coaching, we take the time to dig deep and understand your situation and your goals. By probing, playing devil's advocate, being a sounding board and offering actionable guidance, you'll gain clarity on next steps.

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Patti is masterful at helping to create the culture you want by building trust through respectful communication. 

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We can tell you exactly how someone will show up as an employee, regardless of what they said in the interview.  And we can teach you to do the same. After trying almost every assessment on the market, we represent the MPO Personality and EQi-2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessments, due to their accuracy, ROI and ability to increase engagement and build stronger teams. 

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Speaking Engagements

Patti combines experience with passion, energy and practical tactics to engage your audience. For topics that range from individual career coaching and motivation to team collaboration, contact Patti today. Book signing events optional. 

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