A women explaining herself to her supervisor
Author: Patti Seda Published: 04/6/23 2:49 PM

Manager: Why didn’t you complete that task?  Employee:  Because… I ran out of time; I didn’t have enough information; I plan to have it done tomorrow; I didn’t know where to start; Why are you micromanaging me?  Manager: Stop making excuses and just finish it up (either said out loud, under their breath, or to HR).  We’ve all been involved […]

Sunrise or Sunset
Author: Ashley Rambo Published: 02/2/23 12:55 PM

Have you ever looked at a sunset and questioned if you were seeing the sunset? This probably seems like a ridiculous question. We don’t typically second-guess what we see with our own eyes. What we don’t pause to consider is the sunset is also a sunrise. It’s a matter of perspective; to one observer they’re looking at the front of the sun and to the other they’re looking at the back. Every day we see the world around us through our experiences and our experiences shape our perspective.

Author: Patti Seda Published: 01/6/23 11:51 AM

Do you struggle with setting AND keeping New Year resolutions? I much more success and joy in selecting One Word instead of resolutions. This word brings greater focus and meaning to my goals and serves as a compass for my decision making.

Joyful Employees
Author: Patti Seda Published: 12/6/22 11:17 AM

How many of you have had a bad day? I’m not talking about just a challenging day, but a real life “I-can’t-do-anything-right” kind of day. If you’re like most people, a bad day transitions to a bad night. And if you have too many bad days in a row, it transitions to impacting relationships at […]

Supply and Demand
Author: Patti Seda Published: 06/23/22 4:36 PM

Anyone else remember Economics 101 in high school or college? My professor was the stereotypical economics nerd. While the topics of bonds and the impact of interest rates on inflation made my extroverted head explode, I vividly remember the lesson on supply and demand. When supply is greater than demand, the price of the goods/services decreases. Flip […]

Author: Patti Seda Published: 04/7/22 3:05 PM

Last week I was working with a leadership team on the value of the personality traits. We were digging deep to understand the extremes of the traits and APPRECIATE someone who is different. In a hypothetical situation, this all makes complete sense. I’m a 9 in OR and, logically, I understand how a low OR […]

Author: Patti Seda Published: 03/2/22 9:48 AM

Twenty years ago, I was the Head of HR for a $1.5B organization with 8,000 employees. As a large organization we occasionally had claims filed against us, which required an investigation. We took this very seriously, so we hired someone who worked with the FBI to teach us interrogation techniques; as I said we took this […]

How full is your bucket
Author: Ashley Rambo Published: 11/30/21 1:44 PM

Through the simple act of gratitude, we can help our people feel seen and heard.

Author: Patti Seda Published: 07/30/21 2:57 PM

The MPO tool is all about getting to the core of how you’re authentically wired. By understanding and spending more time in your areas of strength, you’ll be stronger for the activities that are a weakness. It’s important to not stay in the area of weakness for too long or it will make one physically, […]

Author: Patti Seda Published: 05/24/21 12:00 PM

Whew – we made it to spring! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming. Yet, does anyone else feel like they’ve been in a mental boxing match for the past 12 months? We made plans, then had to pivot, got on course, then, oh shoot, pivot again. It was exhausting!  If any of us were […]