“She brought a sense of credibility to a process (Succession Planning) that instills confidence. She took a job with a lot of responsibility and lifted that from my shoulders. I had complete confidence that she had it handled.”

– Dave Hinnenkamp, CEO, BerganKDVy

“Patti Seda is amazing and I love working with her. She’s really patient and explains things really well. I also feel supported by her!”

– Jennifer Sullivan, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Rainbow Treecare

“She helped me learn how to communicate with people I work with based on who they are and what they’re about. Patti is willing to personally be involved in your business. Not just a client. She cares about this organization She’s not just a consultant. She’s invested in us and it shows.”

– Dave Davis, President at Spahn & Rose

“Patti helped me identify problems and arrive at solutions that made sense for me. They were not only business solutions but also had the added side effect of solving some of my work-life balance concerns.”

– Amy Reasner, Partner, Lynch Dallas P.C.