Patti Seda has done several trainings and each time she brings a new perspective to hot topics that many organizations are managing today. She sparks interest and engagement with her high energy, interactive presentations. She is an expert in her field, and has been an asset to our organization. 

Jill McDowell, Arc East Central Iowa

“Patti Seda was one of the best speakers we have ever had with the group. Patti’s gift of poise, and her ability to get all members of the group participating during our luncheon meeting, provided a great forum for our members to get to know themselves, and others in the group even better.”

Elaina Kempin, Past President of Professional Women’s Network (PWN)

“I highly recommend Patti as a speaker and/or moderator. She has an engaging positive approach as a leader and speaker, which easily connects her with her audience. Her warm personality, confidence and organized methods enhance her successes.”

Leland Smithson, Vice President of SCORE

“Patti helped me identify problems and arrive at solutions that made sense for me. They were not only business solutions but also had the added side effect of solving some of my work-life balance concerns.”

Amy Reasner, Partner with Lynch Dallas, PC

“…Patti ‘gets it’ and understands business. She cares about this organization and wants to be a part of it. That’s hard to find. She’s not just a consultant. She’s invested in us and it shows.”

Dave Davis, President of Spahn & Rose Lumber Company

“Patti brought a sense of credibility to a process, which instilled confidence in our employees when they knew that there was a process in place, as opposed to one or a few people making a ‘gut decision.'”

Dave Hinnenkamp, CEO of BerganKDV

“Hiring Patti was my first major decision in my role as President. We had little organizational structure as it related to the human piece of our business and I knew she would be the ideal fit to help me get that feat accomplished in an organized manner. She has grown to be an invaluable member of our business and team. We trust her implicitly and know she has our best interests at heart.”

Anne King, President of Collective Data