Assessment Tools

MPO is a dynamic solution designed to help manage and improve  human capital in organizations. This tool assesses seven behavioral factors and their interactions, to produce a graphical and written report. This information allows certified analysts invaluable insight for selection, coaching, development  and team building for improved employee relations, culture and bottom line results. Contact Patti today to learn how this tool can be used in your organization.

Roles and Responsibilities Modeling

Clear and logical structure, processes and accountability lead to quicker business execution and improved results.  Combined with her business knowledge and organizational design expertise, Patti will lead your team to identify clear and logical structure and processes to impact your bottom line.




Professional Development Plans

The quickest way to individual success is a well-defined PDP; Professional Development Plan.  Your personalized PDP will identify how to measure your success, as well as a step-by-step plan on how to improve your effectiveness.


Mediation Services

As a certified mediator, Patti works with individuals or parties to resolve conflicts in the workplace and as ordered by the court for employment or family law matters.