Being in a leadership role carries a lot of responsibility and your team needs confidence that you are leading in the right direction.

Couple this with the fact that the people on your team will often not tell you what you need to hear, either because they like and respect you too much, are afraid of you, or simply don’t want to rock the boat. As your coach, Patti will:

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Be a sounding board for addressing  team member  situations and development
  • Provide an outsider’s perspective for unique ideas and approaches to situations
  • Be a devil’s advocate to help identify all sides of an issue
  • Provide a regular cadence to keep development and progress on track
  • Challenge and encourage you to be the best leader  for strong business results
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It’s the foundation to build upon.

To respond quickly in today’s environment, your employees need to be able to clearly  articulate what you do, why you do it and how it’s done. If they can’t, you’re likely experiencing wheels spinning, finger-pointing and slow decision-making, which impacts your clients and bottom line.

As an external advisor, Patti can help define your structure more clearly and quicker than those working and living in the business. Structure includes many facets, and Patti will help you define each of them:

  • Mission and Vision: The “what” the company does and “why”.
  • Values and Culture:  The “how” the work is done, which creates your culture.  And in today’s workforce, a great culture is a better predictor than strategy of business results.
  • Organizational Design: Clear articulation of who does what and who reports to whom is crucial to success. Patti will help you create logical workflows and decision-making structure.
  • Workflow: Every step in a process should be articulated with a basic RACI model, which illustrates who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed.

When your structure is strong and your team is highly engaged, the clients are serviced and bottom line results are achieved.

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Ensuring the right people are in the right positions.

Once your organization’s structure is set, it’s time to add and develop awesome team members! The key is to hire the right people into the right positions at every level. Quite often the best “doer” is promoted to manager. Without the right training and development, these doer-managers start to lose team members, or equally as bad, the team members stay and are disengaged.

Patti will help you define the following key elements to building a successful team:

  • Thoughtfully articulating employees’ responsibilities, requirements and measurements of success – this is not a “check-the-box” exercise.
  • Assessments and process to put the right people in the right position – this goes beyond the skills and experience required.
  • Training for today’s role and development for future roles.
  • Creating a team environment where people understand and appreciate the uniqueness everyone brings to the workplace.
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The right assessment tool will dramatically increase your chances of hiring the right fit for your position, and can reduce the time to hire and cost per hire.

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Executive Coach & Trusted Advisor

Star athletes hire coaches to give them personalized and direct feedback to become the best. Coaching programs tailored to your position, your skill sets and your future will have equally amazing results.

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Culture & Engagement

Engaged employees are worth 120% of their compensation, while disengaged employees are worth only 60% of their compensation. And the level of engagement is driven more by the environment than by the employee. Aligning your team with your strategy and values is a key to employee engagement.

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Patti brings high energy and an interactive style to every session she facilitates. Learn how she can help take your team to the next level of effectiveness.

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